Then into the Volsungs dwelling a mighty man there strode,
One-eyed and seeming ancient, yet bright his visage glowed;
Cloud-blue was the hood upon him, and his kirtle gleaming-gray
As the latter morning sun dog when the storm is on the way
A bill he bore on his shoulder, whose mighty ashen beam
Burnt bright with the flame of the sea and the blended silvers gleam.
– From Sigurd the Volsung (William Morris)

Odin the all-father, ruler of Asgard, is the apex of the Norse pantheon – He is a god of war, victory and death, but he is also a god of wisdom, Shamanism, prophesy and poetry.

Odin, seeking wisdom, forfeited one of his eyes so as to be allowed to drink deeply from the spring of memory. Though lacking an eye, the wisdom gained allows Odin to perceive more piercingly than any. From this spring traversed a root of the great tree Yggdrasil, from which Odin sundered a branch from with which to craft the spear Gungnir – the sacred spear prevents any who swear an oath upon it to break their word. From his throne and throughout his travels he is accompanied by his twin ravens, Munin (memory) and Hugin (thought). The keenly-eyed ravens travel the worlds wide and far, bringing news to Odins ears every nightfall.

Though he can see much of the universe from his throne Hlidskjalf with his wife Frigga, Odin frequently dons the simple clothes of a traveler in a wide-brimmed hat and wanders the worlds, watchful over the doings of men. When the horns of war call, Odin dons his eagle-winged helmet and charges into battle upon his terrifying, 8-legged horse Sleipnir.

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