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Open-Faced Burgonet Helm – 18 Gauge

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This Burgonet Helm is crafted from 18 gauge steel and festooned with medallions of brass. THe working cheek-plates are hinged and the interior of the un-lined helm is blackened. A basic padded arming cap of cotton is included,

With its distinctive coxcomb and large brim, the Burgonet is a cleverly designed helm for the nobility and well-heeled cavalry of the 16th Century Renaissance. The eyes are left unobstructed – a necessary development for the new, skirmish-and-flank role of cavalry among battlefields filled with the hedgehog blocks of pike formations. The coxcomb steel plume is an excellent design for dissipating and spreading the energy of the strike in a position farther from the skull of the man within. The brim serves to obstruct downward blows and the cheek-plates ably protect the side of the head. Quite often they are perforated for improved ventilation.

Weight4 lb 1.7 oz
Gauge [18 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia


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