This Arming Hood seamlessly combines the features and protection of a padded arming cap with a padded collar to provide an essential layer of defense for the medieval warrior. For a poorer combatant it may be the full extent of their head protection, but this thick arming garment provides very good protection from cuts and slashes whilst also imparting some defense from concussive impact. For a wealthier warrior an arming hood such as this would be a base layer beneath chainmail or steel plate.

The Arming Hood has a shell of tough canvas cotton cloth which is thickly padded on the inside. Stitching throughout keeps the padding in place within defined sections to prevent it from shifting on the inside. A leather strap and brass buckle on the front secure it closed and there are two additional leather straps on the sides of the collar which can be used to attach, hang and secure other pieces of armor for additional protection. These potential additional pieces are not included.

One Size Fits Most