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Pikeman’s Armor Set with Helmet – 18 Gauge Steel

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This set of Pikeman Armor is crafted from 18 gauge steel. Included is a breastplate and backplate, attachable tasset plates, and a morion helmet. The armor is blackened on the inside to give it some resistance to rust.

The torso armor can be adjusted to fit with its set of brass buckles and matching straps of thick leather. A set of leather straps at its bottom allow the additional tasset plates to be buckled on – or left off entirely.

The Morion helmet is lined with an interior leather suspension liner that can be adjusted to fit. It is completed with a leather chinstrap with a brass buckle.

Please Note: Gambeson and pants are not included – they are shown in photos for demonstration only.


Interior Chest Circumference of the Torso armor can be adjusted from approximately 44 – 54 (111.7 cm – 137.1 cm)

Height of Breastplate 18.5 (46.9 cm)

Height of Torso Armor with Tassets: 28 (71.1 cm)

Weight of Torso Armor and Tassets: 13 lbs


Front to Back: 9.25 (23.4 cm)

Side to Side: 7 (17.7 cm)

Interior Circumference: 25.5 (64.7 cm)

Weight: 3 lb 8 oz

It was the advent of mass, disciplined formations of polearms that swept the knight from the position of prominence in the late Medieval and Renaissance battlefield. Many battles pivoted on the close-in melee of pike and halberd formations who clashed into one another in a manner reminiscent of the Greek phalanx contests of the ancient world.

Armor needed to fit the men who fought in these formations had to fulfill some distinct criteria. For one, these armors needed to be produced in large quantities to outfit entire companies and it had to be made available at a price affordable to men of less than noble means or to be able to be afforded en-masse by wealthy purchasers outfitting entire regiments. It also needed to be as protective as possible and the contoured breastplate is designed specifically to ward and deflect the force of blows. Full-on hits are designed to make contact as far away from the body as reasonably possible and to dissipate the force of the strike along the sides of the armor and not directly into the man behind it.

The Morion style helmet follows much of the same principles as the breastplate with rounded surfaces for deflection and a wide brim to intercept strikes at a point away from the face. The face and ears are left unobstructed to ensure that orders can be clearly heard and cohesion maintained in the formation of pike, for victory largely depended on discipline and clear execution of commands within the din of battle.

Gauge [18 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia


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