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Pre-Owned Albion Oakeshott Sword


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Pre-Owned Item: Pre-Owned Albion Oakeshott Sword

  • Blade Condition:  Moderate cosmetic scuffs and scratches present on blade, particularly at the base of the blade.
  • Hilt Condition: Medium amount of Cosmetic blemishing (scuffs, scratches and light shallow pitting) are present, particularly on the pommel.
  • Grip: Very good condition with only very minor wear
  • Construction Condition: Sword is still durably peened and solidly constructed

 Product Description:

It is impossible to quantify the impact Ewart Oakeshott had on the modern renaissance of interest in the Medieval sword. His classification system is the common parlance in the discussion of the Medieval sword.

The inspiration for this model is a beautiful, remarkably well-preserved sword in the Wallace Collection (London) with a hollow-ground cross-section. Scholars generally have dated this sword to the 14th century, but Oakeshott in Records of the Medieval Sword argues that it is probably much earlier — between 1050 and 1150 AD.

Though the point is narrow enough for thrusting, this is principally a cutting sword, designed for use against opponents in mail armour. This is a unique design for a Crusader era sword, elegant and yet still brutally functional.

Overall Length40 1/4''
Blade Length33 3/4''
Weight2 lb 7.3 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width48.3 mm
Thickness6 mm - 3.4 mm
Grip Length4 1/4''
Blade [6150 High Carbon Steel]
Grip ColorBlack Grip=default, Dark Brown Grip, Light Brown Grip, Oxblood Grip, Red Grip, Blue Grip=$+25, Green Grip=$+25
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerAlbion Swords Ltd
Country of OriginUSA


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