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Pre-Owned Arms & Armor – Malaspina Arming Sword


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Pre-Owned Item: Pre-Owned Arms & Armor – Malaspina Arming Sword

  • Blade Condition: Moderate cosmetic scuffs and scratches present on blade.
  • Hilt Condition: Medium amount of Cosmetic blemishing (scuffs, scratches and light shallow pitting) are present, particularly on the pommel.
  • Grip: Very good condition with only very minor wear
  • Construction Condition: Sword is still durably peened and solidly constructed

 Product Description:

The Arms & Armor Malaspina Sword has a sharpened and tempered blade of 6150 high carbon steel. The crossguard and pommel are steel and the grip is tightly bound with finely stitched and skillfully applied leather. The recessed cross on both sides of the pommel is colored with red enamel.

This sword is heavily inspired by a remarkable sword sculpted onto the funeral effigy of the 14th century Marquis of Fosdinovo: Galeotto Malaspina. Based on the limited visual cues of the effigy, Arms & Armor has opted for a type XVI blade with a short and deep fuller (as seen on many swords of the time). The wide blade of this arming sword is well-suited to making it a very good cutting and slicing blade. The tip can be ably used for thrusting, but the sword clearly has less emphasis on this than later styles, which is quite typical for a sword straddling the transition period from chainmail and partial-plate armors into the greater prevalence of plate armor in the following century.

The pommel is quite complex; nominally hexagonal in profile, it has scalloped surfaces on all its planes which give it a unique and handsome form rarely seen on sword pommels today.

Overall Length34 5/8''
Blade Length28 1/4''
Weight2 lb 11 oz
Width47.9 mm
Thickness5 mm - 1.8 mm
Grip Length4''
Blade [6150 High Carbon Steel]
TypeArming Sword
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerArms & Armor
Country of OriginUSA


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