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Pre-Owned – Legacy Arms Knightly Riding Sword


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Pre-Owned Item:  Legacy Arms Knightly Riding Sword

  • Blade Condition: Blade has a medium to large amount of cosmetic blemishing, including spots and some clusters of shallow pitting present. Blade is still sharp. The blade has a twist in it – there is no evidence of substantial damage so likely this twist was present when the sword was forged and tempered, which is not unusual for many production swords.
  • Hilt Condition: Hilt components are still sturdily constructed. There is a large amount of cosmetic blemishing present
  • Grip: Good functional condition with notable amounts of cosmetic blemishing present
    Construction Condition: Sword is still durably constructed and components are still tightly fitted.
  • Scabbard: Still functions well – has a large amount of cosmetic blemishing present

According to Ewart Oakeshott. ”Records of the Medieval Sword”, page 151. Swords such as this are depicted on two early 14th century knight’s effigies.

The Legacy Arms Knight’s Riding Sword features a sharpened carbon steel blade, solid steel guard and pommel and a wood grip wrapped in black leather. The included scabbard is wood with black leather wrap and steel accents.

Overall Length28 1/2''
Blade Length21''
Weight2 lb 2 oz
Width50 mm
Thickness4 mm
Grip Length5 1/8''
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerLegacy Arms
Country of OriginPhilippines


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