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Pre-Owned – Thaitsuki Furui Shishi Sanmai Katana


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Pre-Owned Item:  Thaitsuki Furui Shishi Sanmai Katana

  • Blade Condition: Very good overall – there are some scratches and scuffs present with a concentration of them on the tip region of the sword.
  • Hilt Condition: Excellent condition with minimal minor blemishing
  • Grip: Excellent condition overall with some moderate cosmetic blemishes
  • Scabbard: Very good condition overall. Some moderate cosmetic blemishing preset on lacquer and tip component.

This hand-made folded high carbon steel Katana has 1024 layers and is made with the Kobuse Sanmai method, by which the blade steel at the core and back are softer (35-40 HRC) than the hard sides and edge (45-60 HRC). The blade was clay-tempered, water quenched, hand polished and sharpened.

The copper tsuba is surmounted by silver habaki and silver seppa. The fuchi and kashira are brass and adorned with Shishi/Komainu lion-dogs who bring vigilance to the bearer and repel wicked spirits. The tsuka handle is of black rayskin, tightly wrapped with brown leather and fitted with two tiger menuki to represent power and the destiny to return home from distant battles. The saya scabbard has silver fittings over a matte dark brown finish with a brown silk sageo. It comes with a dark green silk sword bag.

Contemplate winning all your victories with only one strike. The clear answer to all things is practice and more practice. ~ Miyamoto Musashi

Overall Length41 3/8"
Blade Length29 3/4''
Weight2 lbs 9 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width33.4 mm
Thickness8 mm - 4.5 mm
P.O.B.5 1/2"
Grip Length10 1/2" (Grip Wrap Only)
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerThaitsuki Nihonto
Country of OriginThailand


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