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Sarmatian Helmet

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A fierce steppe people who lived north of the Black Sea, the Sarmatians were subdued by Rome’s Imperial expansion, though it was eventually deemed more advantageous to turn the Sarmatian tribes into ”client states” of Rome, as opposed to keeping (or attempting to) keep them under close dominion such as the Sarmatian’s wesward Dacian neighbors. The Sarmatians were renowned for their heavily armored cavalry and were incorporated into the Roman military machine. Marcus Aurelius most famously stationed 5,500 Sarmatians to serve along Hadrian’s Wall in the farthest flung border of the Empire.

This Sarmatian helm is made from high carbon steel with bronze rivets and cheekpieces. The unlined inside of the helm is blackened. It has a chainmail aventail attached to the back half of the helm with copper wire.

Weight4 lb 5.3 oz
Gauge [18 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel


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