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Lord of Battles – Scale Armor Skirt / Fauld – 20 Gauge Scales

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This scale armor fauld / skirt can be worn on its own or matched with the Scale Armor Cuirass by Lord of Battles (SNSA9111N20) as the foundation for an impressive suit of scale armor. It is crafted frome 20 gauge steel scales riveted to a backing of black leather. The scale fauld has an integrated belt of thick and tough leather which is used to fit it about the waist for wear. The thick belt can be adjusted to fit waist sizes of 43″ to 60″ with the existing belt holes on the belt and could be sized a few inches smaller or larger if needed by adding your own holes.

  • Dimensions:
  • 21.65″ Long
  • 14.37″ Wide
  • Fits Waist Sizes of 43″ – 60″ – Can be sized a few inches larger or smaller by adding your own holes
  • Weight: 8 lbs 9 oz

Please Note: The scales often have a light layer of spotty dried oil or light  rust on them.  This dried oil or rust is light and can be removed with some light buffing.

Gauge [20 Gauge]
TypeScale Cuirass
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia


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