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Scaloped Buckler – 15 inch- 14 Gauge Steel

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This heavy duty buckler is made of thick 14 gauge steel with rolled edge and a central boss. The front is faced with a red / brown leather, while the back features a sturdy steel grip.

Weight5 lb 6.2 oz
Gauge [14 Gauge]
Dimensions15 1/8'' x 15 1/8''
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Scaloped Buckler – 15 inch- 14 Gauge Steel

  1. Leland Turner

    Both stylish and functional This large buckler shield looks and feels like it could actually stand up to a moderate amount of abuse on a medieval battlefield and/or a duel. (Although I certainly wouldn’t want to actually put that theory to the test!) It is a stout piece of defensive steel that’s as easy to wield as it would be to mount on top of a bookcase or on a wall. The only thing that keeps this product from being “battle ready” is the handle, which is a lightweight piece of tubular steel, not unlike something you’d find attached to a wooden fence. Although it hasn’t broken off yet after repeated practice strikes and bashing motions, and finding someone who can attach a heavier forged handle shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re willing to pay for it.

    All and all, I’ve been very pleased with this purchase. Keep in mind that it would probably be a good idea to regularly apply a thin coat of sword or gun oil to the exposed metal of the shield, in order to prevent rust. Also, if you’re planning to wear a piece like this as part of a costume, I would recommend using the 12 or 9 inch variants, instead. As this one is a little large to comfortably carry at the hip or waist. The leather facing may also be painted with your own decorative designs.

  2. Joshua Keller

    Hard on swords, easy on the eyes This buckler is indeed heavy duty, being made out of thick 14 gauge steel. The boss is affixed with heavy duty mushroom head rivets that can really take a beating. It is covered in very tasteful brown leather. For $55? UNBEATABLE. Beautiful buckler, I am suitably impressed

  3. Horith (verified owner)

    Well, it’s a full metal buckler. Not too much to say, but it’s very durable, the handle is a nice shape, and there wasn’t much wrong with it. The only thing is that it’s quite heavy, but it’s to be expected from a full metal buckler of this size.

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