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Skadi Statue

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Skadi is the Norse goddess of the hunt, of mountains and of deep winter. She is a Junn giant by birth, but become a part of the Aesir pantheon as an compensatory marriage after the murder of her father by the hands of the gods after she arrived in Asgard in a whirlwind of fury and vengeance. None of the gods volunteered to marry the wild woman, so Skadi was allowed to choose among them. There was a catch – she could only see their feet to pick them by. Secretly in love with Balder, god of light and beauty she chose the most attractive set of feet. To her surprise, the feet belonged to Njord, the brooding sea god. Loki, the trickster god laughed at her thwarted hopes.

Skadi would get her revenge on Loki though, for when he was captured, bound and punished by the gods, she would place a snake above his face, where its fangs would drip venom onto his face. Lokis wife Sigyn would aid Lokis torment by catching the poison in a bowl, but when it was full and she would run off to empty it, the poison would then meet Lokis face – so painful is the venom that when Loki writhes in pain, the earth shudders in the form of earthquakes.

This cast resin statue is finished in metallic bronze to impart the appearance and feel of a bronze statuette.

Dimensions9 1/2'' Tall
Country of OriginChina


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