The Skyjiro Forge Domoe Katana is designed to be a Dojo cutter with its monotempered blade of proprietary 1075 high carbon steel. The blade is fairly wide in profile, but thinned at the spine along the main cutting portion of the sword to better facilitate mat cutting by reducing blade drag as it passes through the target at this critical area of the blade. The steel is well polished to a hand-mirror polish which was accomplished with water stones. It does not have a faux hamon or anything that would be difficult to re-polish and this intentionally makes it more economical to re-polish if the bearer wishes to remove scratches accumulated from mat cutting. The blade tip is fashioned in the Hira-Zukuri style.

The Domoe Katana is part of Skyjiro’s Ashigaru Class of swords that are ideal for entry level practitioners and those who want a dedicated cutter that is forgiving to cut alignment and maintenance. The tsuba features a dual Domoe symbol and is crafted from Skyjiro’s proprietary Yellow Bronze in a dual blackened and bright bronze finish. The fuchi and kashira are made in the same fashion and the tsuka grip has panels of genuine rayskin. The tight ito cord wrap is of black silk. The sword is matched with a wooden scabbard which is finished in glossy black lacquer with fittings of polished water buffalo horn. The sageo cord is made of black and white silk.  A black cloth sword bag is included.

Please Note: It is normal and common for Skyjiro swords to have some cosmetic blemishing on the glossy black scabbard lacquer.