The Hanabira Katana is an Ashigaru-Class blade from Skyjiro Forge. This sharp, mono-steel katana blade is crafted from .85% high carbon steel. When tempered, the blade was differentially treated, creating a harder edge to cut decisively and retain its sharpness. The blade body is softer, allowing it to flex and absorb shock in the strike. This differential tempering has left a visible wave-length hamon along the edge, denoting this boundary between the two steel hardnesses. After tempering, the blade was polished with Japanese water stones.

The fittings of this katana feature the Hanabira – flower petals of the cherry blossom. The Cherry Blossom was a favored symbol of the samurai, for they envisioned that their lives would be akin to the blossom; beautiful, admired and short.

The Tsuba, Fuchi and Kashira fittings are cast in darkened bronze with their details picked out in white bronze. The habaki and seppa are of white bronze. The tsuka grip, wrapped in rayskin is tightly overlaid with dark blue silk tsuka-ito. Two menuki of dark and white bronze lie beneath the tsuka-ito.

The wooden saya scabbard is coated in black lacquer. The mouth of the scabbard, the Koiguchi, is of water buffalo horn. A dark blue sageo cord is knotted to the scabbard. The sword comes with a Skyjiro production certificate and a cloth sword bag. The production certificate has photos of the nakago.