The Skyjiro Forge Hota Tegai Katana possesses a blade of .70 High Carbon Steel; when it was forged the swordsmith folded the steel billet to imbue the blade with 4,800 layers of steel. The folding has left a visible hada pattern upon the blade akin to wood burl grain. The blade has been tempered in the traditional clay application technique and the tempering has left the blade with a very visible hamon denoting the demarcation between the hard edge and softer body of the differentially-hardened blade of this katana. The blade was finished with a polish achieved with Japanese water stones.

The habaki, seppa and tsuba are Yellow Bronze and the fuchi and kashira are likewise crafted from Yellow Bronze. The wooden tsuka is fitted with green rayskin and overlaid with knotted green silk ito; A pair of Yellow Bronze menuki are wrapped within the ito cords.

The Saya scabbard is carved from wood with buffalo horn fittings; it is finished with a layer of glossy black lacquer and a green and yellow silk sageo cord. A sword bag is included, as well as a Manufacturers Certificate. The certificate has photos of the nakago.

This sword is part of Skyjiros Sohei Class – these are considered their intermediate level swords and are designed for Tameshigiri and target cutting. These swords are intended for students and martial artists who desire a sword for their test cutting which is not mono-steel, but is instead crafted with many of the traditional methods – namely folded steel and blade that was differentially-tempered with the traditional techniques.