The Skyjiro Forge Kaiyou Katana is from Skyjiros high quality Sensei / Collector grade of Kensai Class Swords. The blade is forged from 1075 high carbon steel which has been folded and laminated in the Kobuse style. This traditional and difficult lamination process was executed by a skilled smith who laminated a harder steel layer over a softer steel core to create a blade with a hard edge and sides and a shock-absorbing inner core. A close look along the edge of the blade will reveal the tell-tale seam-like lines created by this traditional lamination process.

In addition to lamination using folded steel, (7800 internal layers) this katana was also differentially tempered using the traditional clay tempering technique to create a very hard edge and a visually vibrant wave-like hamon which harmonizes with the ocean theme of this katana. A bo-hi groove was omitted in the geometry of this katana in preference to a solid spine – a decision which ensures that this katana strikes and cuts with decisively optimized force and power.

The tsuba is artfully and skillfully rendered with great amounts of detail and artfully layered texture and was crafted from Skyjiro Forges mix of pure white bronze. The habaki, seppa and the fuchi and kashira hilt fittings were likewise all made from white bronze to thematically unify with the tsuba. The wood tsuka grip was inlaid with panels of high quality samegawa rayskin and this is made evident by the presence of the Emperor Node on one side – a mark of a high quality rayskin. Overlaid and knotted over the rayskin is ito cord of premium pure Japanese silk. Inserted beneath the folds are two menuki which depict a Japanese war boat being dutifully rowed by a samurai retainer as he ferries his samurai master to battle.

The Katana is secured into its tsuka with a pair of aged bamboo mekugi; the blade Nakago was signed by the swordsmith.

The saya scabbard is carved to fit from wood and is coated with glossy black lacquer and embellished with a section of inlaid rayskin which was polished smooth and melded with lacquer for a unifying finish. Finely carved and polished buffalo horn fittings and a black and white sageo cord completes the scabbard. Included with the sword is a premium Skyjiro Forge cloth sword bag for storage and transport.