The Kiku-no-Hana katana is of the Sohei Class from Skyjiro Forge and has a hand forged and folded steel blade of .75% high carbon steel. After folding the blade is formed of 2,600 layers. The high polish of the blade brings out these layers, forming the appearance of rippling water on the steel of the blade. Traditionally, this was done by the Japanese smith to even out the carbon content of his iron billet. Before polishing, the blade was differentially hardened with the Japanese clay tempering process. Skyjiro Forge recommends that the Sohei class swords are perfect for the higher level student, or instructor who wants to demonstrate clean tameshigiri and serious training technique.

The Kiku-no-Hana has fittings and menuki of bronze, the habaki and seppa are plated in silver. The hardwood grip has Japanese silk tsuka-ito wrap overlaid over blackened rayskin. The wooden saya scabbard is black lacquered and has a red and black silk sageo cord.

”If you keep your sword drawn and wield it about then no one will dare approach you and you will have no allies. But if you never draw it, it will dull and rust and people will assume that you are feeble.” – from the Hagakure