The Kumo (Cloud) katana is of the Kensei Class from Skyjiro Forge and has a hand forged and folded steel blade of .65% high carbon steel. The blade is laminated in the Kobuse method, which is a sword with a core of softer, more flexible steel, jacketed with harder steel. After folding the blade is formed of 3,200 layers. The high polish with Japanese water stones on the blade brings out these layers, forming the appearance of rippling water on the steel of the blade. Traditionally, this was done by the Japanese smith to even out the carbon content of his iron billet. Before polishing, the blade was differentially hardened with the Japanese clay tempering process. Swords of this class were not just designed for the collector who desires traditional construction and looks, but also for the cutting practitioner.

The fittings of this katana are of iron with brass detailing. The grip of hardwood is covered with green-colored rayskin, and overlaid with green silk tsuka-ito cord. The wood saya scabbard is black lacquered and has a green silk sageo cord.

”Summer grasses,
All that remains
Of soldiers’ dreams” – Matsuo Basho