The Musha Katana by Skyjiro Forge is part of its Tenku line of swords which were designed to meld dependable and practical Dojo cutting Shinken blades with mountings of an elevated quality beyond what is seen in most practical cutting katana. The through-hardened mono-tempered blades of the Tenku Deshi Class to which this katana belongs are well tempered and will be forgiving to its user should a mistake be made in cutting technique. Though well suited to beginners, the blade omits a bohi groove to ensure it cuts with the full momentum and power that experienced users will appreciate for rigorous and sustained levels of cutting practice. Its level of blade polish is intended to be easy to maintain and restore.

The blade of the Skyjiro Musha Katana is forged from 1070 High Carbon Steel with through-hardened tempering. The hamon line is simulated and can be rest of the blade is polished to Skyjiros Tenku Hand Mirror polish. The blade has been signed by the bladesmith on its Nakago as a proof of authenticity.

The tsuba is blackened and antiqued brass and the habaki and seppa are polished brass. The well-carved wood tsuka has panels of genuine rayskin and has been bound in well-knotted synthetic silk ito cord. The sword is matched with a well-fitted Saya scabbard of carved wood and it has a koiguchi of buffalo horn which is skillfully carved to have a fine fit with the wood at the opening of the saya. A sageo cord of synthetic silk completes the scabbard and makes it ready for wear.