The Skyjiro Forge Ronin Katana comes from Skyjiros Tenku line of katana; these swords are designed to pair practical Shinken blades with higher quality fittings and finish to create an altogether practical and aesthetically fine katana which is ideal for cutting practice at the Dojo as well as a fine display piece when at home. The through-hardened blade of 1070 high carbon steel has been folded to create a blade with 3200 layers; this forging technique has given the blade a rippled pattern which was created when the bladesmith skillfully folded the steel when forging. The choice to make the katana a mono-tempered blade was done to make it more forgiving of less-than-perfect cutting technique when in the hands of beginners or students. An imitation hamon and a quality final polish with Japanese water stones gives the blade an altogether elevated appearance. As proof of authenticity the blade was signed on the Nakago tang by its bladesmith.

The tsuba, fuchi and kashira hilt fittings are crafted from iron which was finely polished to a smooth sheen. The habaki and seppa are bright brass and the well shaped tsuka grip is of quality hardwood. Panels of genuine rayskin are inlaid into the grip and the grip was bound with tightly knotted ito grip wrap of black synthetic silk. Polished brass menuki are fitted beneath these ito folds.

The saya scabbard is crafted to fit from wood and then finished with a smooth and glossy black lacquer. The koiguchi is polished buffalo horn and it is well shaped for a clean fit with the scabbard. The sword was finished with a sageo cord of matching black synthetic silk.