The Hawk from Skyjiro Forge is an upper-level Kiyoshi Class blade from Sykjiros Tenku line of swords and thus it has a elevated finishing polish to a finely folded blade and makes visible the craftsmanship and high level of bladesmithing skill that went into the forging of the blade by Skyjiros swordsmiths. Skyjiros Tenku line was crafted to make high-functioning martial-arts grade katana with an elevated level of aesthetic styling over and above the more common practical katanas on the market and to offer them at an attainable price.

The hand-forged blade of this katana incorporates 1085 and 1055 high carbon steel which has been folded together to create a blade with 5800 layers. The hamon line is genuine and was formed when the blade was tempered in the traditional clay-technique manner; both the hamon, hada grain patterning and the folds of the steel were made vibrantly visible with a careful finishing polish with Japanese water stones to bring out these features. A close look on its surface even shows not only the long lines formed from folding, but also grain or cloud-like hada patterning.

The sword itself is light and responsive due to its careful and complex blade geometry; excess weight in the lower half of the spine was removed with a bohi groove and the upper half of the sword tapers to form a thin-edged spine which not only reduces weight in this region, but also reduces drag as it passes through a target. This is a form which is fine compromise between durability and agility.

The tsuba, fuchi and kashira hilt components are crafted from brass which a darkly antiqued finish. The habaki, seppa and menuki are also of brass but are of a different alloy which gives these pieces a contrasting silvered finish. The wooden tsuka grip has panels of genuine rayskin which are lacquered to a forest green finish and the grip is tightly bound in matching green tsuka ito cords of silk to complete the katana.

The sword is paired with a wooden saya scabbard with a glossy black lacquered finish. The koiguchi, kurigata and kojiri components are of buffalo horn polished to glossy sheen and well-carved for a fine fit with the wooden saya. A sageo cord of green silk completes the saya.