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Lord of Battles – Splint Armor Bracers

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This pair of splinted bracers are crafted from plates of 16 gauge steel riveted to bands of leather. The bracers are adjustable to size with its integrated adjustable leather straps with steel buckles.

Weight1 lb 3.1 oz each
Gauge [16 Gauge]
DimensionsBracer (minus straps) is approximately 11'' x 8'' when laid flat
TypeSplinted Vambraces
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Lord of Battles – Splint Armor Bracers

  1. Paul G.

    These Bracers Are Worth It Of my four pair of bracers these are my favourite. None of the others fit or did not fit properly after purchasing my second gambeson, a Lord of Battles Optional Half Sleeve model, that is significantly thicker than my previous gambeson. It seemed like a long 6 month wait while KoA restocked but the bracers finally game in. These are surprisingly large compared to the others that did not fit or I used the last hole for the maximum size with the new gambeson. I had to punch new holes in these and in contrast to my others I am using the last and next to last hole for the minimum size. They are flexible wrapping around my forearms with ease, comfort, and covering more area than the others. One thing I really like is that the rivets set high and the curvature on the ends of the plates do a reasonable job preventing a blade from riding the plates to the bend in my arm. I did give a bracer, while in place, a vigorous strike with an escrima stick resulting in a slight bend in a plate that was straightened without difficulty and the force was distributed along the entire plate and hardly felt on the arm. I did notice some downward slippage with the bracers while worn. I corrected this with two pieces of double sided tape on each bracer. The strap length is excessive for my 5’9” and 160 lb. frame. I will trim in the near future. The leather is of good quality as are the buckles. I am delighted with my purchase.

  2. Brynjulfer

    Historically Accurate This type of splinted armour was known to the warriors of the “Vendel Period” and has been documented in use by the “Varangian Guard” in the 10th and 11th Centuries. I feel confident it was also in use during the interim period leading up to the early Rus expansion and the “Kievan Khaganate”. Kult Of Athena comes through yet again!

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