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Lord of Battles – Steel Bracers – 20 Gauge

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The arms are one of the more vulnerable parts of the body in a medieval melee, particularly where multiple combatants are concerned. The arm must extend to strike, but that is when it is open to a counterattack. Plate bracers are optimal for forearm protection – plate is impervious to cutting and slashing and when paired with padding beneath, is good at dissipating and absorbing blunt force.

This pair of plate bracers are constructed from 20 gauge steel. They are affixed to the arm with a pair of integrated leather straps and antiqued steel buckles. The interior of the bracers are blackened. This thinner gauge of steel reduces weight whilst keeping an outward appearance identical to thicker steel. This makes it ideal for long days in kit or costume at the Ren Faire, Con or LARP events.

Please Note: Color of leather straps may vary from varying shades of brown or black

Overall Length11''
Weight1 lb 3 oz
Gauge [20 Gauge]
Dimensions18 1/2''
TypePlate Vambraces
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia


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