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KOA Exclusive – Sword of Homildon Hill

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Back by popular demand! Kult of Athena has a limited stock available of this classic Windlass sword which we commissioned Windlass to produce for us in a special production run.

The Sword of Homildon Hill by Windlass is a well-balanced longsword with a blade well suited to sweeping cuts and the long grip with a fishtail pommel gives plenty of leverage for a second hand grip. The blade is of tempered 1065 high carbon steel with etched latin inscription on both sides. The crossguard and pommel are metal with an antiqued bronzed finish and the grip is wood which is bound in black cord and the sword is paired with a scabbard of thick leather with matching bronzed fittings.

During the English-Scottish Wars, the King of England was preoccupied with the Hundred Years’ War in France.  The border defense thereby fell largely to the Percy Family of Northumberland. During a border raid, the Scottish leader, Archibald IV, Earl of Douglas, was captured at a battle on Homildon Hill by the Percys, led by the younger Sir Henry “Hotspur” Percy. Henry IV demanded the prisoner so he could collect the ransom himself. This demand, though obeyed, was the seed that began the long Percy Family revolt that ended years later with the Battle of Bramham Moor. Hotspur was considered the greatest knight of the realm and held honor sacred.

This hand and half sword was named for Hotspur and that battle. The fullers are engraved in Latin with the inscription “Who lives in falsehood slays his soul; whose speech is false, his honor” – something Hotspur took to heart.

Overall Length43 1/2"
Blade Length33 3/4"
Weight3 lbs 2.5 oz
Width47.5 mm
Thickness3.8 mm - 3.5 mm
Grip Length6"
Blade [1065 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerWindlass Steelcrafts
Country of OriginIndia

The Sword of Homildon Hill by Windlass Steelcrafts

3 reviews for KOA Exclusive – Sword of Homildon Hill

  1. DeAngelo Allison (verified owner)

    This sword is dope af. Thank yall I am 100% satisfied

  2. jasonbernhardt001 (verified owner)

    Love this sword beautiful, well made, fast and light. I recommend to get the extra sharpening it’s worth it.

  3. Im_aj (verified owner)

    the blade was not in alignment with the handle and the handguard came very bent. the most disappointing thing ive ever bought i dont even know how they thought it was ok to ship a product in such terrible condition, the whole construction of the sword was just f**ked out of the box. 0/10

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