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Thor Statue

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Thor is a god of might, and his symbols are powerful; raging storms, oaken trees and his thunderous hammer Mjnir. He is also a god of healing and fertility. He is easily the most popular of the Norse pantheon today, and was popular even in the past, particularly during the medieval Viking age. As the peoples of Scandinavia were Christianized, many resisted, preferring their old gods. Those who did identified themselves with symbol of the stylized hammer of Thor. His most enduring contribution to modernity is Thursday – or Thors Day – named in his honor.

Thor was a warrior first and foremost, and his tales abound with magnanimous triumphs over his foes. He was however, fated to die in battle with the monstrous world serpent Jmungandr – the two would kill one another in the apocalpytic battle of Ragnarok.

This cast resin statue is finished in metallic bronze to impart the appearance and feel of a bronze statuette.

Dimensions8'' Tall
Country of OriginChina


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