The All-Father of the Norse, Odin sits upon his throne with two wolves at his feet in this finely cast and meticulously detailed resin statue with a bronzed finish. With his piercing eye and godly stoicism he commands the attention of any room he is placed within.

Odin the all-father, ruler of Asgard, is the apex of the Norse pantheon – He is a god of war, victory and death, but he is also a god of wisdom, Shamanism, prophesy and poetry. Odin, seeking wisdom, forfeited one of his eyes so as to be allowed to drink deeply from the spring of memory. Though lacking an eye, the wisdom gained allows Odin to perceive more piercingly than any. From this spring traversed a root of the great tree Yggdrasil, from which Odin sundered a branch from with which to craft the spear Gungnir – the sacred spear prevents any who swear an oath upon it to break their word.