This agile longsword by Michael Tinker Pearce is an outstandingly swift and responsive sword ideal for quickly executed and thoroughly decisive cuts. This is a smaller-proportioned longsword which is ideal for a younger or smaller person, or for someone who wants a longsword that can be worn without being “in the way” as much as larger examples. A larger person could even find it to be something that functions more akin to a bastard sword for them. This well-balanced sword is easy to point and strike and has an elegant profile to match.

The blade is crafted from 5160 high carbon steel and has a final marquenched hardness of 53 Hrc. The blade displays good distal taper as well as a suitable rigidity to ensure its effectiveness on a target is not lost to excess flex. The guard and pommel are of steel and the grip is hardwood which is wrapped in cord and further bound in an overlay of oxblood hue leather. The blade is sturdily mounted into the pommel with a permanently assembled nut and the sword is completed with a hardwood scabbard.

Please Note: The tip of the woooden scabbard is chipped and there is an approximately 3″ seam split adjacent to it. The seam split could probably be repaired with careful application of glue and carefully applied pressure from vise.