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Tod Cutler – Dudgeon Dagger

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Dyeing the sheath adds approximately 14 days to order fulfillment time (Note: If sharpening is also ordered than total time is approx. 14 days)

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A classic Renaissance dagger popular with the Border Reivers of the late 16th and early 17th century, the Dudgeon was for a time a common sight in the northern borderlands of England and the Scottish lowlands. The unique design bridges the gap between the distinctive Bollock dagger and the early Scottish Dirk. The blade is EN45 high carbon steel and the well-carved hardwood grip is wood. The hexagonal design comfortably and securely fits in the hand and the bulbous protrusions of the guard give the thumb something to brace against for greater control.

Included is a quality-crafted sheath of double-layered vegetable tanned leather complete with a protective brass chape and leather cords for tying onto your belt. Several dyed colors are available. Also available are plain undyed sheaths which you can dye to whatever color you prefer or simply darkened with oil for a natural and rustic appearance.

This classic example of the Dudgeon is slim and surprisingly compact and its cunning design is rather deadly which makes it ideal for everyday wear and self-defense without being overly bulky. The blade begins with a thick and stout rectangular base for durability and much of its excess weight in this area is reduced with a wide and deep fuller. Forward of this point this quadrangular blade blends itself into a triangular form which is perfect for rigidity and optimizing puncturing capability. The triangular form of the wounds caused would have been very difficult for even the most skilled of surgeons to treat and this fact was certainly not lost on the Border Reivers who chose the Dudgeon as their daily sidearm.

Overall Length14 3/16"
Blade Length9 3/4"
Weight7 oz
Width18.9 mm
Thickness7.3 mm - 3.2 mm
PommelNut and Peen
P.O.B.1 7/8''
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerTod Cutler
Country of OriginUK


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