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Tod’s Workshop – Scabbard for Albion Ringeck with Dedicated Component Set – Oxblood

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“Tods Workshop scabbards for Albion swords are made to be as historically accurate as possible and so look, fit, wear and act just like the real ones did…….because they are real.  Hang them in an armoury 600 years ago, take them on campaign and they would fit right in” – Tod

This premium quality scabbard from Tod’s Workshop is ready to be paired with your Albion Ringeck sword to truly complete your sword by matching it with a scabbard of equivalent quality. Tod takes great care in recreating the dimensions, material quality and artisanal workmanship of historic originals when creating these elegant scabbards to ensure that they are a match to the look and feel of their original forebears. The scabbard has a core of thin poplar for a surprisingly tough and lightweight construction fit for long days of marching on campaign or in the saddle. The wood is tightly bound in bark-tanned cowhide which is dyed to a vibrant hue and the chape, buckles and fittings are of copper alloy which has been expertly cast for fine detail. The copper alloy fittings included come from a dedicated component set upgrade offered for a matched set of stylistic and period-accurate fittings.

The scabbard is unlined on the interior to ensure that the sword is sheathed and unsheathed with an easy sliding motion; included with the sword is a sword belt of thin, strong and supple leather which has been embellished with embossed detail and completed with matching copper alloy fittings. Sword hanger straps of leather to match the belt are tightly knotted onto the scabbard in the historical fashion.

“Tod’s Workshop does not try to ‘improve’ history, we try to copy it.  Metal mixes will be different across the components, the wood may move slightly with moisture changes or when the scabbard is left empty and not flat (simply return the sword to straighten it).  The sword will be an easy fit in the scabbard and the system needs to be fitted to you, which is easily done.   You will need to buy a cheap hole punch from Home Depot etc” (to punch holes for the belt buckles) – Tod

Please Note: We highly recommend you watch the tutorial video that Tod has prepared which demonstrates how to properly set up the scabbards and sword belt to best fit you. He also demonstrates methods of adjustment to adjust the angle the sword hangs at, as well as tips for care and maintenance. It is linked on this product page under the “videos” tab. 

Please Note: Scabbard colors may not precisely match your Albion sword grip. Albion and Tod’s Workshop are separate manufacturers with separate dye processes, and differing leather sources so some variation in hue and color are likely. Colors displayed should be considered approximations as each one is crafted individually and dye can react differently on separate pieces of leather due to the nature of working with organically sourced material.



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