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US 1840 Cavalry Saber – Peened Pommel – Close Out

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This Model 1840 US Heavy Cavalry Saber has a blade of high carbon steel with a brass hilt and a grip overlaid in black leather with inlaid twisted brass wire. The scabbard is of steel with steel hanging rings.

This replica saber is suitable for reenactment, costume and decoration. It is durably constructed with a blade tang peened to the hilt. However, the blade is untempered and this makes it unsuitable for cutting practice and use.

Please Note: This saber is not listed as battle-ready because the steel has a softer temper to it. Though it is durably constructed, the blade will flex and return true when slight force and bends are applied, but it is liable to take a bend when the blade is bent at more extreme angles. A soft-tempered blade such as this can stand up to light cutting and light use, but is not recommended for heavy usage.

This sword is on final closeout and may have minor blemishes, loose parts or other minor issues. They are being sold as is below cost. Minor rust, pitting, dents or scratches may be present.

Overall Length42 3/8''
Blade Length36''
Weight2 lb 4.1 oz
Width29.7 mm
Thickness4.7 mm - 3.6 mm
P.O.B.8 3/4''
Grip Length4 1/4''
Blade [High Carbon Steel]
CultureCivil War
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for US 1840 Cavalry Saber – Peened Pommel – Close Out


    I bought one of these on clearance, and was delighted! The sword itself looked good, even if the balance point was off about an inch and a half. There is a slight aesthetic flaw in the leather grip where it wasn’t tucked into the brass completely, and the inside of the scabbard was really rusty, but everything was straight and true. It’s a beautiful piece, sturdy, and easy enough to reprofile for my rather weak wrists. I took a about an ounce off the tip with some sand paper and got something much more practical.

  2. Ian Hall

    I bought this deep on sale last year at 20$ for a sword to practice sharpening on, handle feels nice. I had one small nick in the handle leather, no big deal. The one I got on clearance had really noticeable hammer blow marks down the blade that catch the light fairly often. Even though the blade is overall disappointing due to stock being close-out pricing/lower standards the metal sheath is great and the noise of it coming in and out is fantastic. 4/5 for my price point, 3/5 for current day prices. Would do nicely for some larping but as soon as it’s out of its sheath it looks worse.

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