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Valsgarde Helmet

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The famous 8th. Century Valsgarde helmet, found in one of the most important Swedish excavations, illustrates the amazing skills of the Scandinavian craftsmen of the period. This reconstruction replicates the original in exacting detail. Crafted in 14 gauge steel with brass details and fitted with a leather liner and chinstrap, this helmet provides regal head protection for the re-enactor.


Please Note – Depending on the length of your neck and where the helmet sits on your head you may find the hinged metal strips on it collide with your shoulders and collar when in movement. This can be rectified by slightly – and carefully – bending outwards these strips outward into a position best suited for your height.

Weight7 1/2 - 9 lb
Gauge [14 Gauge]
TypeOcular Helm
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Valsgarde Helmet

  1. Mick J.

    Valsgarde Helmet this helmet has served me well more many years
    its a solid unit and can take on hell of a beating!

  2. Brynjar M.

    Valsgarde Helmet This is an excellent helmet and it provides very good head and face protection. I do not regret this purchase, and i would really recommend this purchase to either reenactors or collectors, either way, this is an amazing piece of armour.

  3. Karlos

    Valsgarde Helmet (Lg size) I chose this helmet over others because I both liked its ‘Vendel’ style, and also that its steel gauge was thicker then many. I am not disappointed, it is certainly quite solid and I do not see any weaknesses as far as attachments, decorations, or overall solidness. It is heavy, of course, and smaller people may balk at its weight…heavy steel has its drawbacks.

    Although I am quite happy with it, I gave it 4 of 5 stars due to one minor drawback on the nasal/facial interior: Several small riveted plates come together here, and at least in my helmet there was some small areas not ground flat – I also have a big/long nose, which no doubt aggravates this issue – but without some manual polishing with fine grit metal sandpaper it would tend to scrape (or even cut) my nose. It only took 30 minutes to polish down, however, and thus no big issue.

    One other minor issue (likely more due to my own physique/preferences) but 2 of the metal slats that hang down over the back of the neck (the ones that would be closest to your shoulders) are just a *small* bit too long for me – I plan to snip off about 1/2″ of 2 of them, and then grind/polish them smooth again. The reason for this is that they tend to prevent me from looking as freely left or right.

    In any case, I would definitely recommend the helmet and would certainly buy it again!

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