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Viking Gjermundbu Helmet – 20 Gauge

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This Viking Gjermundbu Helm is constructed from riveted 20 gauge steel plates and fitted with an integrated aventail of butted steel chainmail. The interior of the helm is fully lined with leather; even the ocular faceplate has a leather backing. The helm is lined with an adjustable leather suspension liner and finished with a leather chin strap with an adjustable, antiqued brass buckle.

Please Note: Helmet Stand is not included.

Weight7 lbs
Gauge [16 Gauge]
TypeOcular Helm
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Viking Gjermundbu Helmet – 20 Gauge

  1. Skiranger (verified owner)

    I wanted a replica Gjermundbu helmet.
    I thought I had found it in this one, but my attention to detail was off and i missed subtle things.

    The mask doesn’t have a point at the tip of the nose; small issue, but i wanted as accurate to the find as possible.

    The one inch overlay bands look factory cut on the ends, not very authentic.

    The mask itself is mounted crookedly, just ever so slightly, but i can see it easily.

    The mask is also not cut symmetrically. I learned this by trying to use it for a pattern for a leather helmet, so i measured the mask, its off up to a 1/8th inch from end to end.

    The packaging was good, though there was still some rust under the right eye. I was able to buff it almost off, but not entirely.

    Im not impressed with Deepeeka. Moderate craftsmanship at best is what im seeing.

    Three stars for Kult of Athenas good service and the fact i can make this work for LARP and it looks cool on the stand on my desk…if i dont look too hard.

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