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Viking Horned Helmet – 20 Gauge

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This Horned Viking Helmet is crafted from riveted 20 gauge steel plates and prominently fitted with a set of genuine animal horns. The articulated cheekplates are fitted to leather hinges and they are lined with suede leather for comfort; two small rings on the inside of the cheekplates can be used to tie and anchor the included leather cord chinstrap.

The two helmet eyebrows are riveted brass and the horns have a base wrap of laced suede leather for an improved fitting with the helmet. The horns are screwed directly into the helmet and can be tightened on the inside with a screwdriver. Included is a padded cotton arming cap.

Please Note: The horns are natural horn and their size and color may vary.

Weight3 lb 8.9 oz
Gauge [20 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Viking Horned Helmet – 20 Gauge

  1. Paolo B.

    Kindly historic reminder Norse helms didn’t have horns. Horned helms were typically a bad idea since the horns are easy targets to knock the helm off with, grab, or generally cause a lot of havoc. That didn’t stop the Teutonic Knights of course, but of course it’s a matter of taste. I’m just passing by to help any would-be-historic men-at-arms maintain their accuracy.

  2. Skiranger (verified owner)

    I wanted this as my Conan fantasy helm for larping (dont know why its in viking helms)

    Mostly satisfied. The horns come loose pretty easily (dont pick it up by the horns). I like that i can put something else there with the screw mounts, wings or antlers maybe.

    Had to modify the inside with padding as the cap that comes with it is impractical.

    The packaging on delivery was sub standard, the plastic partially torn off, the packaging grease clumped and not effective as there was significant rust on one of the cheek pieces, above one eye and on the right side. Ive been able to buff most of it out, and as i want pieces that look real and used rather than a display model I can live with it.

    I give three stars because it fits my needs. It is of moderate quality.

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