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Viking Seax


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This utilitarian seax is crafted by Jarl Ingvar Schildknackers Viking Reenactment group Draugar Vinlands; these simply furnished seax are intended to be a good and affordable recreation of the working and fighting seax carried by every capable Viking man and are created with the needs of the Viking reenactor in mind.

The blunt blade is crafted from EN45 high carbon steel; the blade tang is secured within an ash wood grip. The blade has the thick spine of a seax expected to see heavy use.

Seax such as these would be worn horizontally at the belt of every freeman in Viking society. Ones of this size could be used equally well for work around his homestead and holdfast – it is also a good and practical size for self-defense and for war as it is large enough to be intimidating and capable, but not so cumbersome that it could not be worn at nearly all times.

Overall Length16 3/16''
Blade Length11 1/8''
Weight13.7 oz
Thickness6.7 mm - 4 mm
P.O.B.3 3/4''
Grip Length5''
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginUSA


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