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Vision – The Exeter Longsword with Scabbard – Black – Collaboratively Crafted by Angus Trim and Valiant Armoury

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Special Order - Estimated wait time of 6 - 12 Months

The Valiant Armoury X Angus Trim Vision Line is a collaborative effort between famed swordmakers Angus Trim and Valiant Armoury. Models will be released in limited batches. After a production run, the model will not be available again for another 12 to 24 months. There are no pre-orders for these items.

Vision creates premium, entirely made in the USA swords that meld Trim’s magnificently optimized performance blades with the hilt design, robust construction and superior leatherwork that is the hallmark of Sonny and Zach Suttles at Valiant Armoury. The final product preserves the ideal blade harmonics and balance needed for each sword to perform to its fullest potential and is a heirloom-tier sword.

The blade of the Exeter Longsword is well suited to swift and decisive cutting and is crafted from 5160 high carbon steel with a spring-tempered hardness of 51-53 HRc. The edge is finished with appleseed edge geometry which gives the edge some mass right behind the edge to impart greater durability to the edge. The hot-peen construction that melds the blade and hilt together at the pommel gives this sword a very strong and lasting hilt construction. The crossguard and pommel are crafted from steel with an antiqued finish and the grip is carved from Poplar and tightly bound in leather to complete the sword.

The matching scabbard for the Exeter is a wood-core scabbard that is wrapped in top-grain leather and paired with a sword belt of thick leather. The chape and other metal fittings are of metal and the buckles are reinforced with steel tongues for durability.

Overall Length44 3/16"
Blade Length34"
Weight2 lbs 9.3 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width52.3 mm
Thickness6 mm - 2.3 mm
P.O.B.4 3/4"
Grip Length8"
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
Country of OriginUSA

1 review for Vision – The Exeter Longsword with Scabbard – Black – Collaboratively Crafted by Angus Trim and Valiant Armoury

  1. Joshua Wilson (verified owner)

    pleas take what I say with a pinch of salt as someone who has just begun to start buying swords and doesn’t know much about them I can only really talk cosmetically about this one. Over all the pictures are mostly correct my one had a few small scratches that takes a really close look in the right lighting to see. The blade isn’t hair cutting sharp but it cuts paper well enough and the scabbard is nice too

    overall its a really nice sword but just a bit over price in my opinion for something that’s this expansive I expected it to be perfect with not a single fault but maybe that’s just because this is a real sword and not a wall hanger
    hope this helped

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