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Vulcanix – Oni Kanabo – Red Oak

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This burly Oni Kanabo is a large Japanese war club that will surely smash and shatter asunder virtually any target. Beastly in its proportions, large Kanabo such as this are often depicted as the weapon of choice for the monstrously muscled mountain beasts and Oni demons in Japanese folklore. With one in hand you can surely see why such a fiercely-armed opponent could crush even the most well-armored of Samurai and heroes with a single almighty blow. Crafted from robust Red Oak, this powerful Tetsubo / Kanabo has its already impressive demolition abilities further heightened by festooning it with numerous antiqued steel studs. A long grip wrapped in black cord gives its bearer good leverage for delivering a shield-splintering strike!

These clubs are hand-made in the USA by the Vulcanix team. As with any hand-made item, there will be some imperfections similar to what you see in the photos.

Overall Length48"
Weight9 lbs 10 oz
Grip Length18"
MaterialRed Oak
Country of OriginUSA

1 review for Vulcanix – Oni Kanabo – Red Oak

  1. mr.jackwilson (verified owner)

    Well made heavy item. Mine arrived with some minor damage. I have to give it 3 stars because it has a strong chemical smell and the “studs” aren’t all at the same height. Some are obviously glued in some aren’t. This also isn’t made out of one piece of wood. It’s made out of 4 or 5 layers that are glued together. The layers themselves aren’t all one piece. There are some areas where you can see that one layer of this club are actually multiple pieces of wood joined together. It’s fun though. I won’t return it, but I wouldn’t buy from Vulcanix again. The top of this has a hole in it and you can actually see all the layers of wood from that angle. Doesn’t effect performance, but I’m guessing this adds to the bad smell of the club. It also stinks up your hands when you hold it.

    Very much a meh item.

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