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Warriors Medieval Gambeson – Brown

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The bestselling Epic Armoury Gambeson Warrior is a padded long-sleeve coat covering the torso from neck, down over the hips on front and back. It can be worn on its own or serve as essential padding under mail or armour. The gambeson is donned like a jacket and closed on the front with five leather straps with brass buckles. The arms are easily detachable by untying its cotton cords on the shoulders and sleeves, each cord secured through long-lasting brass eyelets.

Thick enough to serve as its own armour, this sturdy gambeson is constructed with heavy layers of fluffed cotton canvas sandwiched between colored cotton canvas, all stitched together in vertical lines. The stitching keeps the padding in place and mimics a classic European high-medieval style.

ManufacturerEpic Armoury
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Warriors Medieval Gambeson – Brown

  1. Samuel the Stout

    Great protective garment. What sets this piece apart from other gambesons is that it is sized like a shirt, as well as provides great, light protection against blunt blows. The only complaint I have is with the sleeves, as they become uncomfortable very quickly, and it is better to go without them.DO NOT WASH AT ALL COSTS as shrinking can be an issue.

  2. Dude

    Awesome! Just unboxed this beautiful piece and tried it on with my chain mail. It’s a shame I cover it up because it’s simply astonishing to look at! The picture does not do it enough justice. The price is well worth it as you can see the time and effort it took to make it. I have yet to notice any problems aside from washing it may be a tad risky! Cheers!

  3. T.F

    Great product for a great price I will preface this by saying I haven’t owned many gambesons. With that being said, I really enjoyed this item. It is very good quality for the price. I ordered a small and it fits me like a glove. I am 5’9″ and have quite a slender build at 140 Ilbs. The arms to the gambeson work for me and don’t restrict my movement too badly. This gambeson is warm, but I have only worn it so far in climate controlled area. Overall, I am very satisfied with this product.

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