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WW1 ”French Nail” Trench Knife

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This French Nail is crafted entirely from forged from a single, solid piece of high carbon steel.

A simple and wholly utilitarian weapon, the French Nail reflects the grim reality of the early years of WW1; these close-combat weapons were crafted en-masse and steel shortages ensured that most of these daggers were forged from scrap metal and salvaged from the rebar and the metal barbed wire posts used in captured German field fortifications.

French nails were typically fabricated in workshops very near to the front and did not follow a strict design pattern. The example shown here is typical of the earlier ones – a stabbing spike with a simple, but effective knuckle bar. In time the French Army would remove hundreds of soldiers from combat who were former cutlers and would reassign them to creating new pattern trench knives and bayonets for the war effort.

Overall Length13 5/16''
Blade Length7''
Weight1 lb 4.7 oz
Width28.2 mm
Thickness7.3 mm - 2.1 mm
P.O.B.- 1 1/4''
Grip Length3 1/4''
Blade [High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for WW1 ”French Nail” Trench Knife

  1. Allen M.

    A Great Nod To A Little Known WW1 Trench Knife… A cool knife, extremely durable, a little known gem of ingenuity from the first world war and the tip is sharp as all get out. Very much “battle ready” but also makes a great talk-piece for guests! Bought one a year ago while on sale and its in as good condition today as the day i bought it! Highly recommend picking at least one up!

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