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Zombie Go Boom – ”Zombie Ivan” Realistic Test Cutting Target Head

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If you are tired of simply cutting water bottles and pool noodles, then Ivan ( a highly-realistic zombie-themed test-cutting analog head!) is the sure-fire way to deliver one of the most realistic flesh and bone cutting experiences available. These target heads are a great way to simulate and evaluate how your martial techniques match up to reality – or they are simply a fun target for all your weapons tests and demonstrations.

Developed by the crew at Zombie Go Boom to fill a need for an ultra-realistic test target, Ivan has an anatomically correct skull and cranial cavity, as well as a hard spine. These hard structures replicate the density and thickness of real bone. Molded over this skeletal frame is simulated flesh in the form of a leering zombie.

Ivans head and spine can even be filled with simulated liquid blood and gore for maximum target realism. A hole in the bottom of the stand is the entryway for faux blood and the head comes with a cork which can plug the hole when firmly placed.

Unlike ballistic gel, an Ivan head will not melt in warmer weather. Ivan has long been the flagship cutting and destruction target for the crew of Zombie Go Boom and there are no shortage of videos demonstrating how Ivan holds up to use and abuse. One such video is linked on this page. Numerous other videos of this test head in use can be found here at the Zombie Go Boom Youtube Channel

Please Note: Color of flesh can vary

Dimensions15'' Tall
Country of OriginUSA

1 review for Zombie Go Boom – ”Zombie Ivan” Realistic Test Cutting Target Head

  1. Chris J.

    Awesome! I’ve been watching ZGB since 2012! They are amazing and their products are incredible! Just having a chance to own my own Ivan head is a dream come true! Thanks Kult of Athena for helping ZGB continue with their awesome products and content!

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