The largest collection of swords and weapons from the Bronze Age to World War II

We pride ourselves of quality and when items arrive that don’t quite meet with our quality standards (but can not really be considered defective or “Blow Out” items) we add them here. These factory blemished models will have small cosmetic defects but no issues that will affect its function. Examples include, small surface scratches, scabbard dents or cracks, minor blade pitting, etc. Larger issues like blade chips, cracks, warps or anything else that will affect performance will not be included with these. Please note that we do not keep track of every specific minor blemish, so please do not contact us asking for details, we will not have them available. We are offering these items at a further discount for customers who are not overly concerned with cosmetics and intend to put them to some use. Items with a $0.00 price crossed out indicate the item is no longer available in a non-blemished version.