Houndskull Bascinet - Large - 14 Gauge Steel - AB2972

Houndskull Bascinet - Large - 14 Gauge Steel

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Originally a small, tight-fitting helm worn beneath a Great Helm, the Bascinet became larger over time and by the mid 14th century was preferred over the Great Helm. The reasons are obvious - The Great Helm was a large, bulky helm that greatly restricted vision. For the knights and professional men-at-arms who could afford them, the less bulky Bascinet brought good protection and better visibility. The standard Bascinet though is an open-faced helm, and those who wanted the facial protection the great helm afforded, could opt for a hinged visor. This protected the face in the manner of the Great Helm and had the great advantage of being able to be raised when not in direct combat, making it essentially a convertible helmet. Good visibility and free ventilation was a great advantage when maneuvering in formation and on the march, and the ability to quickly tilt a visor and give full head protection was greatly desired when the mounted man was about to charge, or about to face a barrage of arrow fire.

There were several forms of visored Bascinets such as the Pig-Face Bascinet, The Klappvisier, and the one shown here - The Houndskull. The pronounced, snout-like ‘’nose’’ of this helm helps to deflect direct blows to the side of the face and dissipate some of the force that would otherwise harm the man within. Its a similar design to the Pig-Faced Bascinet, though with a less pronounced visor. The Bascinet had a long history, though it was on the eve of obsolescence by the early 15th century.

Modeled after a 14th century original, this Houndskull Bascinet is crafted from 14 gauge steel. The visor is hinged and has a small, integrated pin to keep it in place when down. The interior is blackened and lined with padded, quilted fabric. The fit of the lining can be adjusted with leather ties at the top of the helmet interior. An integrated leather chinstrap with small brass buckle is riveted to the helm to keep it firmly affixed to the head during the sudden movements of the melee. The helm has brass anchoring points along the bottom of the helm by which to attach an aventail.

Front to Back: 9 1/4''
Side to Side: 8''
Interior Circumference: 26 1/2''
6 lb 15.6 oz

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