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A Kult Favorite: Balaur Arms

The Balaur Arms line of European swords has returned... With a twist. Improved design for better performance Independently Verified 1075 High Carbon Steel See the Entire Balaur Line Balaur Arms has been a favorite since the line debuted. And when we started considering moving suppliers, we were hesitant. Will customers worry that what they liked most about the line would disappear? But when our hand was forced to move, we quickly saw an opportunity. Rather than worrying about just meeting the quality of the past, why not do better?  And so finally, after a long search and

January 12th, 2022|5 Comments

The Katana: History and Traditional Techniques

The Japanese Katana is a popular and sought-after blade, and Kult of Athena’s “healthy” arguments about our favorite type of sword always include one.  We not only appreciate the katana’s long history but also its value as a beautiful work of art. Thanks to the big screen and rise of anime, most people recognize the katana and its connection to the samurai. But few understand its true origin, or the process of how traditional swordsmiths in Japan made these historic swords. We would like to introduce you to the history of this iconic sword, walk you through the steps of

December 21st, 2021|0 Comments

Balaur Arms, Devil’s Edge and A New Steel Certification Program

Today - on our site, to our customer's inboxes, and on social media - we have made a series of major announcements that are related: The first regards Balaur Arms, Devil's Edge and independent testing of the steel grades used by the manufacturers. This includes a discount event for effected customers and the movement of the Balaur Arms line to a new partner. The second is the announcement of a new Steel Certification program KoA has initiated this month. Major manufacturers and brands have already voluntarily signed up - including Deepeeka, Iron Tiger Forge, Ronin Katana, Universal Swords, and Windlass

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Angus Trim: Crafting Performance

Imagine Angus Trim pulling up at your HEMA session to deliver a few blades in order to learn more about how you use them and how they perform. Learn more about his design philosophy, favorite Medieval Swords, and his focus on continuous improvement.

September 24th, 2021|1 Comment

The Windlass Steelcrafts Classics Collection

Kult Of Athena worked with Windlass Steelcrafts to re-release the Persian Shamshir Scimitar, the Homildon Hill and Roven longswords, the Erbach German bastard sword and Diavolo Maine Gauche 16th century parrying dagger. Video reviews of three of these blades can be found on our Youtube Channel or on the product pages.

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