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  • The Khopesh, Kopis & Falcata
    The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Iberians used the khopesh, kopis, and falcata to defend, protect and conquer.  The three share similarities – storied histories, method of use and key design aspects. Swords of the Ancients Khopesh A truly ancient sword design, the Egyptian Khopesh dates to about 2500 BC. Originally of Canaanite origin, the Khopesh may […]
  • Types of Chainmail
    Selecting the “Right” Chainmail There are many types of Chainmail and the terminology used to describe the steel type, construction, ring arrangement and more can be overwhelming. The chainmail category contains words like dome riveted, high tensile wire, alternating, flat ring and more. The words come in multiple iterations and combinations – all to describe […]



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