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Albion The Dane Sword - ANT1
Limited Edition of 100

Albion The Dane Sword

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Overall Length: 58'' Blade: 42''

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Blade: 6150 High Carbon Steel
Weight: 4 lb 10 oz
Edge:  Sharp
P.O.B.: 4''
Thickness: 7.9 mm - 3 mm
Width: 36 mm - 39.6 mm
Grip Length: 13 1/4''
Pommel: Peened

This unique sword type, with its long narrow diamond-shaped blade and even more narrow ricasso, was quite common in Denmark -- with many surviving examples that are either Danish in origin or possibly Italian. Albion’s Dane is based on Peter Johnsson's documentation of originals of this type. They are visually imposing, yet still light and swift enough to deliver terrible blows and piercing thrusts. This is a dedicated thruster, but as with many of these thick, stiff and pointy swords, the cutting performance should not be underestimated. This is a sword made for armoured fighting. It is like a great long and sharp-edged awl with a positive massive feel. Not sluggish. Very stiff, nasty and aggressive.

The thickness of the blade and ricasso is striking. When used in half swording, it could almost qualify as a kind of short pole arm: its thick, stiff blade and tremendous awl point would have been devastating when the swordsman put the full momentum of his body behind a thrust. They give a strong impression of being made for battlefield use. They have the mass, heft and agility to be reliable no nonsense killing tools. A trained swordsman in full armour equipped with a sword of this type must have been truly terrifying. Perhaps these swords could also have served well on horseback. The long grip, stout guard and strong ricasso makes it possible to couch the sword like a lance, resting the guard across the armpit and breastplate. The reach is not long, but in some situations this might have been a good thing. The use of swords as lances is described in some medieval texts.

The Dane has a hand ground high carbon steel blade that is tempered for flexibility and edge retention. The crossguard and pommel are cast from mild steel. The grip is stabilized birch wood, fitted over with tight leather and sectioned by bands of wrapped wire.

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