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War Horse Katana - SD35350

War Horse Katana

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Overall Length: 40 3/8'' Blade: 28 7/8''
Retail Price:$499.00

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Blade:T10 High Carbon Steel
Weight:2 lb 9.9 oz
Edge: Very Sharp
Thickness:6.9 mm - 4.6 mm
Width:31.8 mm
Grip Length:10 1/8''

With its dramatic depiction of the galloping war horse upon its tsuba, this katana pays homage to the brazen, swift and thunderous cavalry charge of the Samurai as best exemplified by Takeda Shingen and the masterful cavalrymen of his clan, who could literally sweep the foe from the field in a tsunami of blades, banners and hooves.

The blade is forged from T10 high carbon steel; its wave-like hamon denotes its harder edge which was created when the blade was differentially tempered to imbue it with a 60 HRC edge and a 40 HRC spine and body. The habaki and seppa are silvered and the tsuba, fuchi and kashira are crafted in detailed iron; they feature not only the horse of war, but the clan symbols of both the Mori and Takeda.

The wooden tsuka grip is inlaid with panels of rayskin and it is bound in tightly knotted teal-green cotton tsuka-ito cord; a pair of menuki are fitted beneath the ito folds. The sword is paired with its wood saya scabbard with buffalo horn fittings. A knotted black sageo cord completes the saya. A cloth sword bag is included with the sword.

Please Note: In the close-up images of the tsuba the images were brightened to better display tsuba detail. They do not accurately reflect the color of the grip wrap.

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