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11th – 14th Century Rus / Byzantine Mace

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This unique mace has a spiralled, spherical-like head form which was used by the Rus and the Byzantines and it was also wielded throughout Eastern Europe – this style was in use from the 11th – 14th centuries. This multi-flanged mace had a head of tempered high carbon steel and it is sturdily mounted to a hardwood haft. A wooden wedge has been driven into the head of the haft to expand the wood to fill the mace head to ensure a tight setting. A leather lanyard has been knotted onto the end of the haft.

Please Note: This item is handcrafted in the Czech Republic and may vary slightly. Details such as the type of leather used for the lanyard can vary from item to item.

Overall Length24''
Weight1 lb 12 oz
MaterialCSN14260 High Carbon Steel
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginCzech Republic

1 review for 11th – 14th Century Rus / Byzantine Mace

  1. Ra Diaz

    Deceptive wording from Kult of Athena about the design varying slightly. I bought this a while back and still have the mace to this day. When I first saw the mace and the description saying that the specifications would be slightly different for each mace, I thought it would be a few inches longer/shorter and a few ounces heavier/lighter so I thought no problem. When I got it, the thing was extremely overweight as well as fatter compared to its specifications and pictures. The flanges were wider, the handle was wider, and the eye of the mace was wider. Since then, I’ve tried to lessen the weight by attaching it to lighter and shorter handles. It weighs about 2lbs. and 6 oz, still pretty chunky compared to its specified weight but not so dense as to limit speed and maneuverability. Don’t get me wrong its a charming piece, but I wish I had gotten a bludgeon that fit the parameters instead of the byzantine mace that ate two other byzantine maces.

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