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Lord of Battles – 14th Century Gambeson – Red and Black

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This thick quilted gambeson, crafted from thick cotton and fastened with thick cloth buttons on its front and on the sleeve cuffs. Its interior is lined with cotton felt. As this gambeson is crafted from organic material, it will breathe better than other poly-fill gambesons on the market.

This gambeson is handcrafted, sizes will vary slightly – so these measurements should be taken as approximations.

A thick, padded jacket common to Medieval and Renaissance warriors, the Gambeson was a protective layer beneath chain or plate armor – it served both as a shock absorbing layer and chafe protection for its wearer. Poorer combatants and lightly-armored archers and skirmishers might wear only the gambeson as their major piece of body armor.

Gambesons first began to be common in the 10th century and were largely intended to be a layer beneath chainmail. By the later years of the Medieval era, it became common for soldiers to wear a substantially thicker gambeson, sometimes called a padded jack, as their main armor. Quilted with many layers of fabric, typically linen, a padded jack could act like a sort of kevlar and give its wearer excellent protection from cuts and slashes. It could even stop arrows in some circumstances. Additional protection could be added to such gambesons with jack-chains, a sort of partial-plate protection which could stop a strong slash from cutting into the shoulders and arms.


Chest Size: 36 (96.5 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 34.5 (87.6 cm)
Weight: 4 lb 4.6 oz

Chest Size: 40 (101.6 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 36 (91.4 cm)
Weight: 4 lb 0.3 oz

Chest Size: 44 ( 111.7 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 38 (96.5 cm)
Weight: 4 lb 6.2 oz

Chest Size: 48 ( 121.9 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 38 (96.5 cm)

Chest Size: 53 ( 134.6 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 40 (101.6 cm)
Weight: 4 lb 14 oz

ColorBlack & Red
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Lord of Battles – 14th Century Gambeson – Red and Black

  1. Foster

    Great overall Pros: authentic and well designed fabric pattern allows freedom of movement and comfort far beyond other gambesons. For example, bending the arms has no fabric bunching issues due to the way the arm bend is sewn, and lifting your arms above your head doesn’t pull the gambeson up, which means you won’t be fighting against the weight of your armor when resting in high guards. The cloth buttons flatten under maille and plate,and the natural internal padding allows you to breath much better than other off the shelf gambesons without sacraficing that all important protection and force dispersal. this also makes it much easier to wash and hang dry since its not polyfill. The sizing is accurate and it sits comfortably but not too snug. I feel no restriction in my movements when practicing while wearing this.

    Cons: the buttons are not sewn on very well, and you will need to either reinforce them, or find the end of the thread and tie knots in them so it doesn’t slide through the buttons and have them fall off. The gambeson i got had the red underneath where the black overlaps for the buttons stained black, which indicates to me that the colour will run in the long term. I would highly recommend washing this with a lot of salt to set the colour, but make sure it’s on cold, or else your nice dual gambeson will probably end up one blackish red mess. I personally found that the arms were a bit long, and would have ended naturally at my wrist two buttons back. This is easily enough fixed at a tailor, but still an annoyance. Some of the button holes aren’t as reinforced with thread as they could be, and the stuffing can show between the layers; this is a very minor gripe that most people wouldnt even care about

    Overall one of the best off the shelf gambesons you will get, even rivaling some ive seen made by hand at my local club. Certainly the best in this price range.

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