This thick quilted gambeson, crafted from thick cotton and fastened with thick cloth buttons on its front and on the sleeve cuffs. Its interior is lined with cotton felt. As this gambeson is crafted from organic material, it will breathe better than other poly-fill gambesons on the market.

This gambeson is handcrafted, sizes will vary slightly – so these measurements should be taken as approximations.

A thick, padded jacket common to Medieval and Renaissance warriors, the Gambeson was a protective layer beneath chain or plate armor – it served both as a shock absorbing layer and chafe protection for its wearer. Poorer combatants and lightly-armored archers and skirmishers might wear only the gambeson as their major piece of body armor.

Gambesons first began to be common in the 10th century and were largely intended to be a layer beneath chainmail. By the later years of the Medieval era, it became common for soldiers to wear a substantially thicker gambeson, sometimes called a padded jack, as their main armor. Quilted with many layers of fabric, typically linen, a padded jack could act like a sort of kevlar and give its wearer excellent protection from cuts and slashes. It could even stop arrows in some circumstances. Additional protection could be added to such gambesons with jack-chains, a sort of partial-plate protection which could stop a strong slash from cutting into the shoulders and arms.


Chest Size: 36 (96.5 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 34.5 (87.6 cm)
Weight: 4 lb 4.6 oz

Chest Size: 40 (101.6 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 36 (91.4 cm)
Weight: 4 lb 0.3 oz

Chest Size: 44 ( 111.7 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 38 (96.5 cm)
Weight: 4 lb 6.2 oz

Chest Size: 48 ( 121.9 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 38 (96.5 cm)

Chest Size: 53 ( 134.6 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 40 (101.6 cm)
Weight: 4 lb 14 oz