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Absolute Force Deluxe HEMA Mask

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This deluxe HEMA sparring mask is composed of a helmet with a permanently fitted protective hood that is riveted into place. The helmet is CE 350 N Certified and the mask has a protective blackened steel grill and a padded neck guard. The nylon interior is intended to frame the face snugly and this interior padding is riveted in place to ensure it stays in place. A bendable, leather covered tab acts as a backstop to keep the helmet on the head, and a wide velcro strap is used to give it a good fit behind the head.

The additional protective hood is additional thick padding covered with soft leather. The long leather-encased nape of the hood is composed of layers of thick, bendable plastic that can be removed to replace if necessary.


To check what size helmet will suit you take a soft tape measure and wrap it around the top of your head and chin – the tape should pass on top of the ears on both sides. Measuring that face circumference will determine what helmet may fit you best. The helmet is slightly adjustable, so try these tips before returning a helmet for a different size – try moving the bendable tab or giving the helmet a slight squeeze on the sides to see if you will get a better fit.


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