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Age of Craft – Spoleto Bascinet with Padded Pelerine – 14 Gauge Steel Sport Combat Helmet

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Age of Crafts Spoleto Bascinet is a robust helmet built for hard-hitting medieval sport combat and takes its design from a pair of visored bascinet seen on a preserved fresco in Spoleto, Italy. It is crafted from 14 gauge (2 mm thick) tempered spring steel for a resilient and highly protective combat helm. The well-fitted visor is swivel-riveted to the helm to allow it to be opened; when closed it locks into place and can be released from its lock with a steel button just above the visor rim. The width of the eye slit is a good compromise between improved visibility and practical defense and improved protection is granted by vertical bars to prevent entry from weapons and debris. A disc rondel at its back protects the upper spine.

The interior of the helmet is fitted with an integrated sport combat pelerine – a well-padded helmet liner with a thick cloth shell and a padded collar which is sturdily stitched into position. Where the pelerine resides within the helmet it is well padded with thick foam liner to encase the head for excellent concussive impact protection. A chin strap of thick leather with a sturdy steel buckle secures the helmet to the head.

Please Note – the interior measurements were taken by laying our measuring tape up against the foam of the padded interior without pressing into the foam. As the foam is intended to encase the head with a snug fit there is a measure of allowance for slightly larger head measurements when fitted into the impact-foam interior, particularly for the side of the head.


Size: Large
Front to Back: 9
Side to Side: 6 3/4
Interior Circumference: 24
Weight: 9 lbs 3.3 oz
Helmet is 2 mm thick
Visor is 1.7 – 1.8 mm thick
Rondel is 1.2 mm thick

Weight9 lbs 3.3 oz
MaterialTempered 65G Spring Steel
ManufacturerAge of Craft
Country of OriginUkraine


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