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Aki Wool Leg Wraps – Green

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This set of leg wraps are woven from wool and are ready to be wrapped around your lower leg and ankles. A fastener such as a pin or fibula is needed to hold them in place once wrapped – the photos demonstrate this by using a small brass fibula as a fastener. These Fibula or pins are not included – but they are available and may be purchased separately. They are linked on this page with a photo thumbnail under ''also available'' (first two on the left).

From Burgschneider of Germany – Wool fabric is 74% wool, 15% polyester, 7% polyamids and 4% Miscellaneous fibers.

A staple piece of gear for late Roman legionaries, Vikings, Normans and more, legwraps have been in use since antiquity. This humble but universally effective strip of elongated cloth has also been known as winingas, puttees, or wickelbander. They serve to bind the lower leg and lend support to ankles, shins and calves whilst giving protection from thorny brush and undergrowth. They also keep dirt and debris out of footwear and legwear.

Dimensions149'' x 3 15/16'' (380 cm x 10 cm)
MaterialWool - Polyester
Country of OriginNepal


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